Visiting Students

The International coordination is located on the first floor of the Clinical research building, Mulago Hospital Complex. It is charged with internationalization at Makerere University College of Health Sciences under the Principal’s office with direct supervision of the Deputy Principal. 

We handle all aspects of internationalization;

  • Admission of occasional students at all levels of training.
  • Facilitating MakCHS student outward mobility programmes (study abroad placements, research, international conferences and seminars).
  • Integration of international students in Makerere and Ugandan culture.
  • Organizing safe accommodation and ensuring safety for students and teachers work and live in Uganda during the tenure at Makerere University College of Health Sciences.
  • Logistical support for visa application for students for degree students.
  • internationalization at home for non-mobile students and staff.

Logistical support to international scholars
We work closely with the concerned ministries to get the international students adequate documents to study in Uganda. These include;

Temporary practicing medical License for graduate students, fellows and clinical lecturers. (Requirements are listed below).

  • University Degree/professional medical certificate(s)
  • Evidence of completion of internship
  • Current certificates of registration
  • Certificate of good standing- from your licensing board
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Evidence confirmation of intended employer/place of work
  • Passport photos
  • Dully filled application form
  • Recommendation letters from your employer/ programme Director
  • All documents written in a language other than English must be accompanied by a copy of an official translation of a document, which is duly certified by a Notary.
  • Students visa normally termed as students’ pass (Requirements are listed below).

A. List of requirements for students pass (First year students. Both Undergraduate and Graduate Level)
S/N    Name of Document
1    Valid student ID/Letter from the School Dean to show lack of ID(If not yet issued)
2    Recent passport size photo
3    Admission letter from University
4    Support letter/Recommendation letter
5    Passport Biodata page
6    Previous Visa/ Student Pass

B. List of requirements for students pass (Continuing Students)
S/N    Name of Document
1    Valid student ID
2    Recent passport size photo
3    Admission letter from University
4    Support letter/Recommendation letter
5    Passport Biodata page
6    Previous Visa/ Student Pass
7    Current Provisional results/Testimonial
8    Current/Most Recent tuition pay slip

C. List of requirements for Work Permit
S/N    Name of Document
1    Passport Biodata page
2    Previous Visa/Entry permit
3    Passport Photo
4    Copy of Contract(Between host and sending University/Institution)
5    Support letter from the Employer

Integrating international students in Makerere University/ Ugandan culture

The international officers provide adequate acclimatization to Uganda on arrival in liaison with a student buddy association ‘Global friends’. The buddies acclimatize visiting scholars the geography of the place (Mulago and other teaching hospitals). They also organize visit to cultural sites in Kampala and other parts of the country.

In addition, the offices ensure safety of all scholars and provides appropriate counselling in liaison with Department of counselling at Makerere University.


The International Office strives to enrich the academic and cultural experience for MakCHS international students, visitors, employees, and families. 

The office works closely with Departmental Coordinators in the Clinical Departments to ensure that students have appropriate supervised clinical placements in the teaching hospitals and Community Based Education and Services Research (COBERS sites).

In addition to that, we work closely with Faculty to identify and guide students on appropriate research projects where International scholars can undertake in partnerships with MakCHS students.

Outward mobility of students and staff; MakCHS recognizes that academic mobility for Makerere students is a very important aspect of internationalization. The office provides logistic and financial support to students at all levels (Undergraduate, graduate) and teachers to enable them undertake placements in partner Universities under the student exchange framework and attend conferences.

For further assistance, contact our staff

Ms. Susan Nassaka Byekwaso
Telephone no.+256772419313

Ms. Norah Namirembe