AHEAD Training of trainers in Birmingham, UK

The AHEAD train the trainers workshop took place between 21st and 24th of May 2019 in Birmingham, United Kingdom and was hosted by Birmingham City University. The aim of the joint training event was to ensure the transferability and multiplication of the AHEAD open educational recourses (OERs) by preparing faculty members and researches from the PC universities to teach and/or train in the area of innovation management and inclusive innovations, as well as entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship education.

Around 35 representatives from the AHEAD partnership participated in the training and had the chance to discuss the topics including: Delivery of entrepreneurship teaching/ training; Human-centred Design, Design Thinking and Social innovation, customer development process; Innovation systems; Types of innovations; Technological learning, technological catch-up, technological leapfrogging; Inclusive and Grassroots innovation.

During the first day the participants were welcomed by the head of the Business school Prof Nassim Belbaly and the AHEAD project manager of BCU Dr. Charlotte Carey. The head of Business and Innovation Department of the Birmingham City Council Mr. Mohammed Zahir presented the policy perspective of innovations and entrepreneurship by sharing the main points from the Business Growth Programme. The Urban M project led by Birmingham City Council was also discussed showing a good example of partnership working and innovation in the cities.

For details, see the attached fliers and http://ahead-project.net/article/details/61