Day of Lung Science - June 2017 | Researching TB treatment: Waksman, Wallace and Wandegeya

Wednesday, June 14, 2017 - 15:00

Topic: Researching TB treatment: Waksman, Wallace and Wandegeya


Presenter: Prof. Andrew Nun

Senior Statistician

Medical Research Council

Clinical Trials Unit at the University College London


Chair: Dr. Alphonse Okwera

MBChB, MMed, MSc, PhD



Following the randomised trial of Streptomycin versus bed rest published in 1948, there followed a series of trials in which effective chemotherapeutic regimens for TB were made available both in the developed and developing world. Unfortunately, adherence to 18 or more months’ treatment was poor. The advent of rifampicin in the 1960’s raised the possibility of shortening treatment and a series of landmark trials conducted mainly in East Africa reduced the duration of effective treatment to only 6 months. Drug resistant TB was regrettably neglected and even today treatment recommendations from WHO are based on a very low level of evidence. Major trials for MDR-TB are currently in progress including one to be conducted at Mulago hospital.   


Time: 3:00pm -4:00pm


Venue: College Conference Room, Level 2, Clinical Research Building