A Conference on Evolving Trends of Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies in Uganda

Thursday, November 25, 2021 - 09:00

Makerere UniversityUniversity of Salford and UIAHMS-Mulago are organizing a conference that will convene stakeholders in health, policymakers and academic researchers in Kampala, Uganda on the 25th and 26th of November 2021 to share recent research and discuss how the latest innovations in rehabilitation and assistive technology, can be used to improve the supply chain of Prosthetic and Orthotic devices for Disability and Rehabilitation groups in Uganda.


◉ Lived experiences

◉ Improving supply chain of Prosthetic and Orthotic devices

◉ Technologies

Conference Objectives

• To share recent research on supply chains, patient and clinician experiences and hence to both highlight success stories, and characterize the nature and scale of problems facing rehabilitation services in Uganda.

• To discuss the latest innovations in rehabilitation technologies’ supply chains and trends in orthopaedic technologies in Uganda and globally, and discuss the extent to which these may be suitable for the Ugandan setting.

• To identify how the emergent profession of biomedical engineering can work with clinicians towards the development and implementation of solutions.

• To identify opportunities for informal collaborations and more formal health partnerships

• To produce a report outlining a small number of practical steps which could be taken forward by the Disability and Rehabilitation Division in Ministry of Health.