Adoke Yeka

Dr. Adoke Yeka is currently an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Disease Control and Environmental Health, School of Public Health, College of Health Sciences, Makerere University-Kampala. He trained as a Medical Doctor (MBChB) from Makerere University, Uganda in 1994. He later did his Master of Public Health (MPH) at Makerere University School of Public Health in 2001. He is currently pursuing his PhD, at the university of Antwerp, Belgium. His research focus is on Malaria drug resistance and control.

Since 2002, he has been actively involved in building and implementing a multi-site surveillance system in Uganda to evaluate malaria specific morbidity and mortality, efficacy of available anti-malarial drugs, and potential anti- malarial drug related Adverse Events. He was instrumental in the set up of a National anti-Malaria Drug Efficacy Surveillance Network at 6 sentinel sites and a pilot system for antimalarial drug pharmacovigilance in Uganda. He has conducted antimalarial efficacy, safety and tolerability clinical trials involving over 5,000 patients, in Uganda. These studies have been influential in the rapidly changing approach to antimalarial therapy within Uganda and around Africa.

In collaboration with other scientists, he is evaluating the safety and immunogenicity of a candidate lyophilized recombinant precipitated tropical malaria vaccine (BK-SE36), in Uganda. He has coordinated surveys to estimate malaria specific morbidity, mortality and coverage of key control interventions in Uganda. He has coordinated trainings to build capacity for fever case management in Uganda including training on diagnosis of malaria using microscopy and RDTÔÇÖs, management of severe and uncomplicated malaria and the management of non malaria fevers.



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