• The main objective of this program is to let MakCHS students experience the life and practice of medicine in a resource endowed part of the world, as far as prevention strategies, management of patients, and continuity of care with hospice, and to make comparisons in the disease patterns between the developed and developing countries and understand the factors that influence these patterns. During the year, six students were facilitated by the International Coordination office to undertake clinical clerkship at Des Moines University.

  • This section highlights the grant awards/funding uptaken by MaKCHS staff.

  • Collaborations between Makerere University and University of Minnesota Pediatric faculty began in 2002, when Drs. Chandy John (then at Case Western Reserve University) and Richard Idro collaborated on a study of clinical presentations of malaria in Kabale, Uganda. Subsequently, collaboration continued with Dr. Idro, Dr. Opoka and Dr. Paul Bangirana on study of neurocognitive deficits after cerebral malaria, done in collaboration with Dr. Michael Boivinat of Michigan State University). This study has led to several ongoing research studies and a training grant as outlined below;

  • The Department of Peadiatrics Columbia University, USA and Department of Peadiatrics and Child Health at Makerere University College of Health Sciences signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the main objective of improving health care among children by jointly developing innovative approaches to education of health professionals that meet the needs and objectives of its faculty and trainees, and the Ugandan patient population.

  • This year, the Department of Medicine created new collaborations with University of Boston (non-communicable disease research twinning program), Case Western Reserve University (Cardiovascular disease training and research) and University of Cape Town (faculty fellowship trainings), Yale University, McMaster University and the St. Joseph├ö├ç├ûs Health Foundation, University of Alberta (M.Med training and faculty fellowships), and University of California, San Francisco, Edinburgh University (palliative medicine).
    Others include Massachusetts General Hospital, US and University of...

  • After more than ten years of collaboration, Makerere University and Karolinska Institutet of Sweden, signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the 2nd May 2011, at Makerere University to strengthen the collaboration, which offers mainly PhD training opportunities. A number of faculty and students registered with Makerere University have benefited from this collaboration.

  • In April 2011, Kristiansand University and MakCHS├ö├ç├û Department of Nursing were awarded a grant by the Linneas Palme to fund a teacher and student exchange program for 8 years. Two academically sound and well disciplined nursing students benefited this year. The student rotations last for 3 months while the staff exchanges take 3-5 weeks. There are ongoing negotiations with other universities such as Australian Catholic University, University of Minnesota for collaborations with respect to capacity building, research and student teacher exchanges.

  • There is a scholarship program between Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda and pharmaceutical companies to support up to 10 pharmacy needy students in Public universities. This year, five needy Pharmacy students at MakCHS with interest to work in rural areas and underserved areas to provide pharmacy services, received scholarships from Abacus Pharma and Gittoes Pharmaceuticals, both based in Kampala.

  • In the Department of Pharmacy, the SURE Project which involves training of trainers in Paramedical Schools on supply chain management, essential drug concept and rational medicine use is ongoing. The training materials have already been developed. The project is sponsored by USAID and the implementing partners include Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics and Infectious Disease Institute.
    Meanwhile, the Department received two Doctor of Pharmacy students from University of British Columbia for their final year rotation, lasted one month and they had beneficial interactions with...

  • Under the collaboration, MakCHS is conducting a Stroke research project in
    Iganga Mayuge; has just concluded a health systems strengthening project in Kabarole district, while Mulago Hospital is benefiting in the area of neuro-surgery where activities implemented include skills transfer, provision of equipment and infrastructure development and management of complicated cases.