The Makerere University ÔÇô UVRI Centre of Excellence for Infection and Immunity Research and Training (MUII-plus)

Our vision is African institutions and African scientists leading Infection and Immunity research which is relevant to Africa and which has a transformative impact on African Health.


Our goal is to realize this vision through a Centre of Excellence for Infection and Immunity research in Uganda.


Infectious diseases still represent a major health burden in Africa.  HIV, malaria and tuberculosis are still major killers.  Neglected infectious diseases cause extensive illness and misery.  Emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases threaten the fabric of society.  Vaccines, improved diagnostics and improved interventions are greatly needed for most of these conditions.  However, the transition to urban living and changing lifestyles mean that exposure to infections is changing and the so-called “non-communicable” diseases (NCDs) – such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke – are becoming major concerns in our societies.  There are important infection-NCD links: infections may be casual agents (as in some cancers) or may modulate immune responses and even protect against inflammatory diseases (such as asthma).  At the same time, human genetic studies promise new insights into immunobiology because genetic variability in Africa is so high, and pathogen genomics contributes understanding of biology and transmission.  MUII-plus is interested in supporting research in these important areas.


MUII-plus funding opportunities are directed at two goals.  First, to support training and career development for potential and emerging African leaders in Infection and Immunity research.  Second, to support Infection and Immunity researchers at all levels in Uganda to undertake world-class research by providing grants which support collaborative initiatives and short-term technical and professional training.


Applications for funding through MUII-plus should propose research which (i) is based in Uganda, (ii) has a clear link to Makerere University or to the Uganda Virus Research Institute and (iii) involves translational science, linking epidemiological or clinical studies to laboratory investigations, or to bioinformatics and computational analyses.  African scientists of any nationality are welcome to apply but the work must be based in Uganda.


Applications that promote collaborations between Makerere and UVRI, and with other partners in Uganda, are encouraged, as are collaborations with world-leading regional and international research partners.  Potential applicants who would like help in identifying suitable collaborations are encouraged to contact the secretariat through the Programme Manager for support.


Co-funding from a second source is encouraged where this is available and will enhance the research or training opportunity.


The following are the current and planned grant calls for 2018.  Candidates should submit their applications using the forms provided on the website. The Application Form is Attached  Further enquiries may be directed to the Centre Manager, Victoria Bukirwa ( ) or Centre Administrator, Moses Kizza ( ).




Fellowship Type


Eligibility criteria

What’s included

Timeline & submission

  1. Masters in Medicine research grants
  • This call is directed at clinicians that wish to gain more experience in basic sciences, and laboratory skills that surround their clinical research question of interest



  • MBChB degree at a recognised University
  • Registered for MMed at Makerere University (with cumulative grade point average above 4)
  • Laboratory focused research project
  • Reference letter from Department


  • Research costs up to £7,500
  • Bench fees for the laboratory project for one year £1,500
  • Award duration usually 1 year

Publication date: 

  20th  April 2018


Interviews for shortlisted candidates will be held in

June 2018

How to apply for a MUII-plus Masters Fellowship!

Submit a completed application form (available on the website) by the 31st May 2018  deadline to Moses Kizza (MUII administrator): and Victoria Bukirwa;  Ask two referees also to send reference letters directly to Mr Kizza by the same date.


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