MakCHS based startup “Matica” shines at the African Science Week Exhibition in Luweero – Uganda

In 2017, the then four Biomedical Engineering students including Mugaga Julius, Brian Matovu, Lydia Akino and Solomon Oshabaheebwa started a journey to revolutionize mathematics teaching and learning in the developing world through their Matica card game. With 46 cards bearing mathematics operations and figures to form a full deck, matica allows players from primary four onwards to perform mathematical processes and operations just by playing hence increasing on their academic time beyond class. Mental work drives the game and competitiveness motivates the players. 

Later on the group formalized and launched a startup company called Matica incubated by the Biomedical Engineering unit at the College of Health Sciences with the help of  the Mathematics Department at Makerere University and the Uganda Mathematics Society. 

Showcased by STEM Queens Uganda, the card game attracted the biggest audience during the Africa Science week exhibition organized by the Next Einstein Forum. The magnitude, impact and experience of all participants can only be summarized by the Next Einstein Forum twitter statement after the event 

 “The kids really enjoyed this game. Some of them said they wish they could take a set to school. So, do your thing……….this might be what maths classes need.”

Through their official page the team clearly states that they are ready for investment to kick start their commercialization activities and make social impact.