Seminar on publishing by health researchers in Africa

Dear All,

The THRiVE Programme at the University of Cambridge (as well as other organisations such as the Public Library of Science- PLoS, RAND Europe, Biomed Central, etc.) will be taking part in a seminar in Cambridge on Friday 1st June, titled 'Getting in the access loop: Enabling more health researchers in Africa to publish effectively'. The seminar will take place from 4-6 pm (hence 6-8pm EAT), and will be broadcast live as a HIFA2015 webinar too, so that participants from all over the world can join us (irrespective of location or internet speed). You are all welcome to participate in this event, as contributions from health researchers in Africa is critical to us identifying the barriers to publication (assuming there are some) and trying to overcome them. Professor David Dunne and I will be representing THRiVE (Cambridge) in the panel discussions.

More information about the seminar (i.e. concept note, registration for attending in person or via the web, etc.) is available at Specific instructions for joining the seminar over the web can also be found at