Research in 2011

A Grants and Contracts Committee set up to Streamline Coordination of Grants Application and Management

The Grants and Contracts Office was established and operationalised at the beginning of May 2011, to contribute to the sustainability of the College activities through resource mobilization, capacity building, and grants and contracts management. The office will help to promote and cultivate a culture of transparency, equal opportunity, team approach to application for funding and conducting of research. In addition, the specific granting capacity needs of individuals, departments and schools will also be addressed through this office.
Electronic systems have been designed to meet the unique needs of the college in this work, especially in tracking pre and post grant management activities and milestones.


The College of Health Sciences Sets its Research Priorities

The College of Health Sciences held its final Research Agenda setting meeting on 1st July 2011 and identified its research priorities. The meeting was attended by staff and faculty from the different Schools in the College, Ministry of Health representatives, civil society and NGOs, and was facilitated by Cole Dodge; an experienced facilitator based in Nairobi. The research priorities were determined using well-laid out pre-determined criteria that the participants used in their groups. At the end of the meeting, the five top-most priority areas identified were as in the table below based on their total scores in 3 critical areas, namely; public health benefit, feasibility and relative cost:
Get to know the priority areas on our website at:

THRiVE Intensifies efforts to Strengthen Capacity of Researchers in the Region

 With funding from the Wellcome Trust, the Training Health Researchers into Vocational Excellence (THRiVE) in East Africa consortium exists to develop and empower academic institutions for full participation in the march of science. In the last one year, the consortium which is hosted by MakCHS held a number of trainings and registered other capacity building achievements as elaborated below;

  • Hand-on GIS Training conducted by ICIPE, Kenya, in the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS)-based data sampling and mapping from December 6-10 2010 at ICIPE. Thirteen participants were drawn from THRiVE institutions (ICIPE, KCMC, NIMR & UVRI), and other institutions.
  • Supporting masters, PhD and Post-doc trainees at Makerere University, Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College and Gulu University.
  • Purchase of a LC-MS which has improved ICIPE├ö├ç├ûs capacity to analyse and resolve both small and large organic molecules (such as odours and small peptides) and to accurately determine their masses, fragmentation and quantities. It also allows the Centre to accurately identify metabolites in biological samples, impurities in authentic synthetic or commercial samples, and to assist in screening for pesticides and toxicants.
  • A 3-week introductory research methods course delivered at National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) from 7th-25th February 2011, to enable researchers develop expertise in section and use of different research methods. Thirty three participants attended the course, including 13 THRiVE PhD fellows and 2 THRiVE post-docs.
  • With partial funding support from THRiVE, NIMR Mwanza purchased a fully automated Applied Bio-systems 3500 genetic analyser, to analyse samples from an ongoing HIV genome study undertaken by NIMR in Mwanza and Moshi research sites.

├ö├ç├│    Four other short courses on statistics were developed by staff at KCMC in collaboration with NIMR and LSHTM; covering Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Poisson Regression and Likelihood analysis and were held from March 7th through May 13th 2011.
├ö├ç├│    KCMC also completed a 60 sitting capacity M.Sc classroom, making a great improvement in the quality of teaching and the general learning environment for masters├ö├ç├û students.
├ö├ç├│    The Cambridge University THRiVE team managed to secure the ├ö├ç├┐Wolfson College Honorary Fellowships├ö├ç├û for all the THRiVE fellows matched to Cambridge mentors. The fellows can hold Wolfson College Fellowship in conjunction with their THRiVE fellowships, until their THRiVE Fellowships end and they will be recognised as members of Wolfson College and enjoy certain benefits.

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