JASH Conference Visa Information

Uganda Immigration started issuing out e-visas and e-entry permits from 1st June 2016.
1) Any one arriving from 1st June 2016 who require visas must have applied for online visa and on completion and submission of application will receive a barcoded email notification.
2) On arrival at any border (entry point) you will present that email to the Immigration officer who will scan the bar code. A personalization visas sticker with your photo will be printed out and placed in your passport on payment of visa fees at the entry point.
3) For extension of those visas, you have to go online for the same.
4) There are provisions for a single entry East African Community visa, tourist visa, business visa, multiple visas etc.
Note: Citizens from most African countries do not need a visa to enter Uganda. Check the status requirement of your country

NB: Accommodation, breakfast, dinners, transport and touring are NOT covered in the registration fees. You must book and pay them by yourself separately.