International Coordination Office (ICO) Registers an Increase in number of Visitors

With the demand for Universities to train students/residents in International health, the College of Health Sciences has hosted a growing number of students coming for clinical rotations, Community Based Education and Services (COBES) clerkships and Global Health field experience in the last one year. The number of students and residents increased from 210 in 2009/2010 to 260 in 2010/2011.  These visits are coordinated by the International Office.
Although most students came from Universities shown in the table below, students/residents came from a total of 38 Universities located in United States of America, UK, Canada, Sweden, Norway, German, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Rwanda, with 33% coming from Universities within the U.S.A, 27% coming from Great Britain, 25% coming from 10 Universities within Europe, 8% coming from African countries and 6% coming from Canada. 
Table showing number of Students by institution of origin for August 2010-July 2011


Number of students

University of Wisconsin


Kings College of London


Des Moines University, Iowa, U.SA


University of  California San Francisco


Maastricht University, the Netherlands


University of Wisconsin, Madison. U.S.A


Northwestern University


Moi University, Kenya




Figure 1: Graph displaying the flow of academic visitors at the MakCHS during August 2010/July 2011

The above noted increase was due to the warm hospitality of Makerere staff and students and availability of opportunity for students to get exposure to tropical diseases.

Outbound students and residents
The MakCHS was able to send several students to other Universities but because of high costs the number is still low compared to the number of students coming in to MakCHS.


Number of students from MakCHS

Karolinska Institutet


Des Moines University


Yale University


Kristianstand University


McMaster University


To increase the number of MakCHS students going out to other Universities, this year the International Office intensified negotiations with other Universities and student associations to provide funding and other support. Several Universities like Northwestern University and Des Moines University, both of USA, have already expressed willingness to provide the necessary support.

Lessons learnt from Des Moines University (DMU)-Makerere University student exchange
The main objective of this program is to let MakCHS students experience the life and practice of medicine in a resource endowed part of the world, as far as prevention strategies, management of patients, and continuity of care with hospice, and to make comparisons in the disease patterns between the developed and developing countries and understand the factors that influence these patterns. During the year, six students were facilitated by the International Coordination office to undertake clinical clerkship at Des Moines University. Two of these; John Mukeera and Joshua Sempiira are shown below learning in a state-of-the-art Sims Lab.

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