RAN Video &Photo Contest< MKITs Challenge >| Deadline 14th Oct

Warm Greetings from ResilientAfrica Network (RAN)

​RAN is pleased to announce the ​​​2nd edition of the Video and Photo contest (MKITs Challenge 2016). We are calling for educational​, ​inspiring Videos, artworks, graphics and photographs. Thematically, submissions can address any solutions that ​target community challenges which may include innovative approaches or technological innovations addressing effects of climate change and climate variability manifesting as floods, landslides, drought disease epidemics including HIV and AIDS, food insecurity, rapid urbanization and the associated effects, water, sanitation, pollution or projects on environmental protection, livelihood diversification, financial inclusion, entrepreneurial activities, sustainable development and many more areas that are pertinent to our communities. ​​
"Documentation of every step of​ ​your​ ​innovation/​ ​idea is as important as the idea itself​ "​

Please register and submit your video​ or​ Photo via this link​: http://www.ranlab.org/apply-4-mkits-2016
​ ​
or you can send your photo to: ​info@ranlab.org ​Deadline for submissions ​was extended to 14th October 2016​.​

This is an excellent opportunity to get exposure of your idea/project, and to practice your documentation skills.​ ​​

For further inquiry about this challenge please email​ ​ us at : ​​info@ranlab.org.​ ​and​ ​ include “MKITsChallenge” in your subject line and or call on Tel (Office): +256 414 343 597. More details can be found in the attached documents​.​

​NOTE: The contest is open to persons from all disciplines and to international applicants.

Please share widely​!